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Are lash extensions worth it?

Are lash extensions worth it? This is another very popular question! So many people are curious about eyelash extensions but don’t want to take the leap because they aren’t sure if they are worth it! This is a totally valid question and with so many choices out there it can feel very overwhelming! So let me break down some of the benefits of having eyelash extensions! Many people believe having lash extensions is too “high maintenance” and so they don’t want to deal, well let me tell you, I have lash extensions and I the least high maintenance person out there! If I can’t have my makeup and hair don’t in 15 min or less...I’m not interested! Lashes really do give you that made up look with very little effort! Most people say they actually get to sleep in a little longer during the work week because they don’t have to put on as much makeup! That alone makes me want to run to my lash artist and give her a big hug! It’s also a great way to force yourself to relax, and yes I mean force! So many times we mean to relax but life gets in the way or we can’t get out of our own heads. Believe it or not, getting eyelash extensions can actually help with that! Seriously! When you come in to get your lashes done your eyes must stay closed the entire service which is at least an hour long. That means, we can’t look at texts, we can’t answer the phone, we can’t get lost in social media, nothing like that! Some clients love to come in and have a good uninterrupted chat, others like to plug into their headsets and listen to music or great podcast or book, and many others just love to come in, snuggle up and take a much needed nap! It’s a great way to recharge your batteries and knowing you must stay off of your phone and other distractions really helps to put your mind into “relax mode”! And lastly but definitely not least the confidence boost you get when you’re done! I have been getting lashes the last 6 years and I kid you not, that magic feeling you get after a fill does not go away! Don’t you love that feeling of confidence you get when you’re rocking your favorite outfit or you’re having a great hair day? Having lashes creates that same feeling over and over again! You want to keep looking at yourself because you can’t believe how great you look! It makes you feel like you can take on all of life’s challenges all while looking and feeling so great about yourself! So if your on the fence about getting lashes, try them out! You won’t regret it!

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