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How long do eyelash extensions last?

How long do eyelash extensions last? Eyelash extensions can last up to 4 weeks! Eyelash extensions when properly applied and properly taken care of at home, can last a lot longer than most people think! Ideally the extension falls off once your natural lash is shedding naturally. Meaning once a new baby hair is ready to come out, the old hair naturally falls off bringing the extensions with it! Sometimes however our extensions are not lasting as long as we’d like! So let’s go over a few reasons why! If your lashes have always lasted you the typical 3-4 weeks and all of a sudden they are falling out like crazy, (sometimes an eye at a time or both at the same time!) it means we are going through a shedding period! An easy way to check is as you see your lashes falling out, check the base of the extension, if you see your lash attached on most of them, this is a shedding period! If you get your lashes done and they start to fall off right away and you have seen that your natural lashes or NOT attached to the extension, this is likely a bad bond and you should contact your artist ASAP! Most artist have a 48-72 hour guarantee on their work so they will likely want to get you in and get you fixed up right away! However if this is happening over and over, you may want to look at your aftercare! Are you washing your lashes? Washing is very important! As we go about our daily life we create oils, skin debris and makeup gets on our lashes, as this continues it can break down the bond between lash and extension, causing them to come off prematurely! We must also be mindful of any oils and creams we put on! If we let our oily based products seep into our lashes this can also break down the bond! I always advise my clients to not go passed the brow bone when applying and type of product on your face to help protect the extensions! Doing these things can help ensure a nice healthy bond for your extensions and help you a bit longer in between fills! 

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